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Create your path towards a more sustainable organisation, ecologically and economically sound.


Projects STEP2ECO

EU 2050 power lab

Congres about the public power supply in 2050.


Creating a regional energy company in de Achterhoek.

Eemflow Energy

The consumption of energy is tuned to the supply: demand side management.

 Amsterdam Wind Vision 

The town council of Amsterdam approved the master plan for wind energy around the capital.

 Duurzame Vecht 

We participate in a  local foundation for sustainability.


English summary

Most people believe that we have to step to an ecological solution, a sustainable world.

The technological possibilities are available e.g. to reduce our energy consumption and produce renewable energy. Cradle-to-cradle processes and technology are being developed.

Still, most organisations make a short-term optimisation and hesitate to take sustainable steps.

During more than 30 years I worked with large and middle-sized companies as a consultant and in various management positions. This includes the fields of energy-management, wind and solar energy in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

I managed projects and programs of an technical and organisational nature, up to over EUR 100 mln. More details are on

Now I have chosen to dedicate my energy and experience to steps towards a more sustainable world.


For organisations that choose to step towards sustainability, I offer to advise on how to organise this. Services include:

  • determine (CO2-)footprint and put comprehensive plans together

  • involve various parts of your organisation in the sustainable change

  • manage the sustainability program and monitor progress

  • facilitate the purchase of sustainable services and projects

  • join forces of various stake-holders to enable sustainable projects

  • develop local renewable energy production and distribution


This website is in Dutch because I focus at my home-market first and start locally (think global, act local).

But feel free to contact me about opportunities outside the Netherlands! Our challenges are global!








Guus Ydema


The Netherlands

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